Choose your VPS with SSD in Europe, Asia, USA right now!

PlanvCPUvRAMDisk spaceTrafficLocationPrice
HX11 | INTEL2GB20GB SSD20TBGermany|Finland|USA7.20 USDOrder
HPX12 | AMD2GB20GB SSD20TBGermany|Finland8.25 USDOrder
HX22 | INTEL4GB40GB SSD20TBGermany|Finland|USA10.15 USDOrder
HPX23 | AMD4GB80GB SSD20TBGermany|Finland14.30 USDOrder
HX32 | INTEL8GB80GB SSD20TBGermany|Finland|USA18.35 USDOrder
HPX34 | AMD8GB160GB SSD20TBGermany|Finland25.70 USDOrder
HX44 | INTEL16GB160GB SSD20TBGermany|Finland|USA32.90 USDOrder
HPX48 | AMD16GB240GB SSD20TBGermany|Finland47.60 USDOrder
HX58 | INTEL32GB240GB SSD20TBGermany|Finland|USA62.15 USDOrder
HPX516 | AMD32GB360GB SSD20TBGermany|Finland103.70 USDOrder
Basic4 Core8GB50GB NVMe32TBGermany|USA|Singapore|UK|Australia|Japanfrom 11.35 USDOrder
Standard6 Core16GB100GB NVMe32TBGermany|USA|Singapore|UK|Australia|Japanfrom 19.85 USDOrder
Advanced8 Core30GB200GB NVMe32TBGermany|USA|Singapore|UK|Australia|Japanfrom 33.05 USDOrder
Professional10 Core60GB400GB NVMe32TBGermany|USA|Singapore|UK|Australia|Japanfrom 59.55 USDOrder
PRO-XS1 Core1GB20GB SSD4TBNetherlands|Germany|USA|Singapore|UK9.00 USDOrder
PRO-S1 Core2GB40GB SSD6TBNetherlands|Germany|USA|Singapore|UK17.00 USDOrder
PRO-M2 Core4 GB60 GB SSD8 TBNetherlands|Germany|USA|Singapore|UK31.00 USDOrder
PRO-L4 Core8GB80GB SSD8TBNetherlands|Germany|USA|Singapore|UK51.00 USDOrder
PRO-XL8 Core16GB120GB SSD10TBNetherlands|Germany|USA|Singapore|UK90.00 USDOrder
PRO-XXL12 Core32GB180GB SSD10TBNetherlands|Germany|USA|Singapore|UK160.00 USDOrder
PRO-XXXL16 Core64GB280GB SSD15TBNetherlands|Germany|USA|Singapore|UK300.00 USDOrder


Operating systems
  • CentOS/AlmaLinux/Rocky Linux/Debian/Ubuntu
  • Windows Server Datacenter / Standard
Control panels
  • Hestia CP / BrainyCP
  • Plesk / cPanel
  • Additional IPv4 / Space for backup
  • Server administration services

Benefits of our VPS


Guaranteed resources

You get guaranteed dedicated resources



VPS is completely restricted from other clients


Server maintenance

We provide setup and maintenance services

support 2


We provide assistance if you have questions about the work.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

VPS installation time, depending on the selected OS and additional software, can be from 1 to 12 hours. In practice, you get access to the VPS within 90 minutes after the payment is confirmed.

Our main accommodation locations are in the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, USA, Singapore, Australia, UK and Japan.

We provide VPS based on KVM virtualization.

You will get a virtual server with installed OS and SSH access. When ordering, additionally, the control panel to the server - access data to it. All necessary additional software you can install afterwards by yourself.

Yes. Installation of Windows Server DC OS is possible on the Basic, Standard, Advanced, Professional tariff plans, as well as Windows Server Standard OS starting from the PRO-M tariff. On the checkout page, in the "Operating system" field, select the available Windows Server OS option.

Yes. On the tariff plans of the HX, HPX line, as well as Basic, Standard, Advanced, Professional, it is possible to order one additional IPv4/IPv6. Only one IPv4 is provided on the PRO tariff line.

At the moment, all services are provided only after payment. A test period is not provided.