We are coming to the end of the final hours of a most difficult year for all of us. We have endured terrible events: a full-scale invasion and a war with a terrorist country. But we didn’t break and we survived, even though it wasn’t easy for any of us.
Thanks to Armed Forces of Ukraine, CloverHost continued its work and development. Most of all we wanted to give you the feeling that we were there for you, and that your sites and projects were safe.

What has this year been like for CloverHost?
– We added localization of our site and personal account in Ukrainian and English.
– Locked all Russian and Belorussian clients.
– Helped our customers to keep their services during this period, and reduced prices for VPS and server rent as much as possible.
– Contributed to our Victory.
– Continued support and upgrade of their existing server hardware and our customers’ equipment.
– We added the possibility of payment in hryvnias from Liqpay.

What are our plans for the first month of the new year?
– To organize the possibility of cashless payment.
– Add more new models and locations of VPS and dedicated servers.
– Conduct promotions with discounts on new orders for our services.

We sincerely believe that the next year will be the year of our Victory. Let every Ukrainian will receive peace in their home and every business – a long-awaited opportunity to work and grow in normal conditions.
Peaceful skies and a bright future. We pray for our Ukraine and for every warrior. We make our main wish, one for all!

Happy New Year!

💙 Glory to Ukraine! 💛